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20 August 2011 @ 06:13 pm
Been back from Hokkaido for a few days now; it was impressively beautiful, but we decided to come back early for Obon.

I spent most of it with Botamon, she came to me a few days prior with an address scribbled down; so I put two and two together and we went to the shrine of her partner. The girl's family was there, so we had to wait a while until they were finished. Botamon seemed very still and placid the whole time; a change from her usual uptight self. I had wondered if today might be the day she would voice a thought or two; but alas.

In the end I helped her light a lantern and we sat by the river for some time before heading home.

Aside from that, does anyone care to fill me in on this portal issue before we go back to vacationing and I'm stranded without regular internet access?
12 July 2011 @ 08:52 pm
Ah, summer.

I skipped Tanabata (was plagued with a migraine) so I sent Botamon in my place. And by sent I mean that she had already shown a strong eagerness to go and no level of pain on my part was going to stop her. Thankfully, however, Ryo was happy to play escort.

She spent around an hour hovering over that piece of paper in order to write down her wish. Granted, it can't be easy when she's having to use her mouth in place of a hand, but at least Ryo managed to provide some pencils small enough for her to work with. Still, with that much effort, I can't deny that I am curious as to what exactly her wish was.

Aside from that the weather has been unrelentingly cruel, as I'm sure all of you in Japan are aware. We're lucky enough to have our window units, but the blackouts do not allow for them to be used all the time; thus our suffering under the heat of the sun ensues.

Though all things considered, it could be worse; being in Okutama means we're not in the center of the urban heat island that is much of Tokyo, but I digress. I have an essay to finish.
04 June 2011 @ 09:28 pm
There's a rather grand opera tour taking place through the 19th in Nagoya and Tokyo, but I was sad to learn that several of the main performers opted out of their roles due to radiation concerns. This, while understandable due to mankind's rational or otherwise fears of such things, is a disappointment. But while the entertainment industry is only just beginning to mend itself, I was able to play audience to one of the less fearful opera stars, namely Placido Domingo, last April. I'm sure all of you remember that this was not long after the earthquake; thus I applaud him.

For those of you unaware, he is rather famous in his profession; and while I'm not one to normally get over-excited due to a specific event or person, I have to admit that seeing him perform was a real treat. Exceptionally talented, he also donated $200,000 USD  (That's 16,131,994 yen) to the relief effort.

There's no way to properly predict how long these concerns will live in the minds of foreigners; all we can do is trust time to do its job. (Though said people being properly educated rather than resorting to conclusions based on fear/paranoia/unrelated experiences would help a great deal.)

"Fear is only as deep as the mind allows."
Old Proverb
15 May 2011 @ 02:10 am
Went to see an optometrist a while back to get a prescription for some new glasses; finally got it filled today. Rejoice, I can see again.

I wasn't aware that there was much of a problem until I made a fatal error whilst in the digital world; it seems my old glasses were not quite suited to my myopia.  These ones are not much different in size or shape, but the lenses are much more suited to my needs. I remember back in my youth I had rather large ones; not uncommon, but as I grew older I found the smaller frames to be, if nothing else, much more comfortable.

On that note I read that there was a mass donation of prescriptions for glasses back in April for survivors of the earthquake. Apparently, around 1,400 were given out. It seems a few of those in the west even donated their old or unused ones to the cause; it's interesting to see that, at least in some areas of life, even the little things have been considered for the people affected.

(ooc: wtf his phone is backwards XD oh well, drawing error! It's retro!)

16 April 2011 @ 07:17 pm
Though I cannot ask her for confirmation due to her unwillingness to speak, I believe I have unraveled the mystery surrounding this digimon.

I should have known from the beginning.

Rest assured she is not one of the renegade digimon we were seeing, but this brings little comfort; the truth being far more grim.

It's a well-known fact; that no matter the road we choose to take in life, despite how short or long it may be, we as humans must all face death at some point. Whether that death plays host to ourselves or our loved ones; it is undeniable, and inescapable.

But then, what a bittersweet thing should it be that we are presented with the grueling truth; that digimon are different. With their regenerative abilities; you few who have lost your partners know this. None of you chosen children would wish harm on your partners, I'm sure; but somewhere deep down you must have an inner-most sense of peace; that should the unspeakable happen, they'll come back.

But let me beg a painful question to the digimon who are reading this; what happens if your partner dies? What would be your resolve?

There is no comfort I can give to Botamon, who was born in a world that does not fit the rules of humanity; and to her, who's ears have been open since day one; I must be a cruel exception.
I died in a car crash and lived!

Beat that, Ash.

(OOC: Back-dated! Osamu purposefully fails.)
25 March 2011 @ 09:24 pm
So I took my entrance exams a while back; got the results. Also received the letter from Todai recognizing my admission. Accepted with honors, what a surprise.

I'll be heading into pre-med. Monodramon has sportingly agreed to keep watch of Botamon while I'm away, which will probably be a lot from now on; so here's to hoping she behaves. Now that she has regained some of her strength she has proven herself to be quite the resilient little thing, just giving her a bath was like a scene out of hell. But she needed one after being so ill, and found that I'm not much of a pushover.

I seem to have acquired a small amount of respect from her due to this, but I'm beginning to think it is not so much about submitting as it is acknowledging me as a worthy opponent, if the way she's currently glaring at me is anything to go by. What a little

Osamu almost fell out of his chair as a stream of bubbles flew into his face, entering his nose and mouth so that he was lured into a coughing fit.

After finding his breath again, he glared at the small creature, who in turn glared back. For her to be able to read, especially at her level as a Digimon ...she definitely had former contact with a human.

Giving her a long, hard look, he turned back to his laptop.

And I won't finish that sentence, but instead shall leave it as a memento; as I have just concluded that she is literate.

If anyone needs me I'll be cleansing my face of her saliva.
22 March 2011 @ 01:38 am
I spent most of the day nursing the stray Botamon; still no verbal communication. I at least manage to make some progress in getting it to eat, though was disappointed to find that its preferred food of choice was some of Ryo's leftover chocolate from Valentines Day.

Thankfully it was dark chocolate, but still; I'm not too pleased. If anything I can hope that the endorphins and amount serotonin consumed will prove beneficial, as I am now certain the symptoms it has shown are the direct results of depression and an obvious, rather serious trauma. It's nothing close to a conventional diet; but perhaps this way I can keep it alive long enough to get to the source of the problem, and then move forward from there. At this point in time I believe its physical condition is solely dependent on its mental one; so the goal for now is to establish some kind of trust with the little slime ball. (And I mean this literally; for those of you who have not encountered a Botamon before they have a thick slimy coat under that fur of theirs. Doesn't help that this one is loosing said fur...)

White Day managed to slip my mind; I slept most of it away after my wonderful escapade in digital world. Hopefully by this time next week I will have changed my last band-aid; though the stitches in my left hand remain substantially less forgiving.

I hope you all are having more favorable results in your daily adventures than I am.

"Attention to health is life's greatest hindrance." - Plato

20 March 2011 @ 08:30 pm
Oh, right. I guess I should mention that I'm alive.

Osamu smirked a bit at the hidden meaning in this sentence, then frowned; turning to look at the small bundle of fur next to him. He had wrapped the thing in a blanket, then moved it into a pillowed basket for a makeshift bed. It still was not asleep, instead forever staring with its eyes barely open into nothing Osamu could see.

But on a more important note, I found a Botamon. I don't suppose any of you have lost your partner?

It was sitting in our garden. I was careful in approaching it but was surprised when it didn't run off, or even flinch. it simply persisted to sit there. I tried talking to it, but to this moment it remains mute. The closest I got to any communication was when it blew a few bubbles at me. I decided to apply an old trick I used to do as a child and made some bubble juice out of soap and water. It seemed to react to the bubbles, at least; though most of them thought it would be hilarious to pop on me. (What did I expect?) But at least it acknowledged my presence.

Judging by the state it's in, I'm almost certain it has been in ailing health for some time now. I've applied the same procedures I might have given to a human or animal, but so far it remains stagnant. It doesn't seem to be afraid of me, but I'm not entirely convinced that's a good thing. It's difficult to say what could be wrong with it; you can't apply the same techniques as you would to a person. Or even a dog, for that matter.

It does have a few cuts and bruises, and its fur was rather maimed when I found it (I gave it a comb) but aside from that I see no sign of external injuries, therefore I'm assuming the problem is internal. Maybe even psychological.

It's a long shot, but if any of you have any information, I'd appreciate it. Any feedback from humans or digimon would be helpful. I can't say I'm optimistic about its condition at present.

You'd think there would be doctors by now who specialize in this field.
10 March 2011 @ 08:11 pm

 ((OOC: Edit: I hope you all will forgive me for editing this post so much; but it has now been fixed, with some parts re-written, for what I hope is final time, in order to fit the events of the recent earthquake in Japan. My only hope is that I have been able to incorporate it in a believable manner.)

Who: Osamu
Where: Tokyo, Ryo’s house.
When: March 11th, All day long
Status: Completed
Summary- Osamu remembers something he shouldn’t


The day had started out as a good day.



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